Security Bond:

All bookings incur a bond payment to secure the booking. The amount varies depending on which bus is being booked. The amount will be refunded back into the nominated account at the end of the trip, on the exception that the bus is left clean and tidy and no damages have occurred on the bus. Please be advised, refunds take up to 2-7 business days to reflect on your payment source (it also depends on the bank’s billing cycle).

Payment Methods:

  • Payments can be made via cash to the driver on the day of pick-up,
  • Internet banking or bank deposit must be paid 4 days before the trip,
  • Payments can be made via the invoice. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.

Booking Fee:

Payments that are made online, or via the invoice will incur a 3% booking fee.


Upon receiving either the bond or full payment, a confirmation email with the remittance will be sent through. Please, check that all information is correct, to eliminate any issues on the day of the booking. If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us on (02) 9188 9092 immediately for it to be rectified. An updated, remittance will be sent via email.


Communication made via emails and text messages between a client and a representative from our team is considered as a signed legal contract.

Personal Information:

Customer’s personal information provided via our online booking system, is stored securely on the XERO invoicing database.

Booking Errors:

Party Bus Hire is not responsible for incorrect details made via our online booking system. Please ensure that all the information provided is correct, before processing the payment.

Cancellation Policy:

With any cancellations the security/bond payment is not refundable. Cancellations made 24 hours before the trip, 50% of the full payment will be charged on the nominated account.

Text Message Notification:

The day before the booking, if you do not receive a confirmation text message with the driver details, please ensure to contact us before 8pm on (02) 9188 9092 to attain his name and number.

Late Arrival:

Passengers must be ready 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If, passengers are not ready when the bus arrives, the driver may not be able to wait due to other bookings, and no refund will be provided.

Bus Breakdown:

In the event of a bus breakdown, Party Bus Hire will attempt to send a replacement bus within 2-4 hours. If, for any reason we are not able to, a refund for that trip will be provided. However, additional costs incurred will not be covered.

Unforeseeable Circumstances:

Party Bus Hire is not liable for compensations due to delays, cancellations, or missed services caused by events beyond our control, such as accidents, weather conditions, strikes, etc.

Traffic Delays:

During the trip, we will not be held accountable for delays on the road caused by accidents, road works or if the trip is during peak hour traffic. Apart from traffic delays, our buses are large vehicles, therefore travel time is longer than an actual car. Before processing the booking, please consider the above and allow extra travel time to get to your destination.


As per state laws, smoking is strictly prohibited on any of our buses. If, any passengers fail to comply, they will be removed from the bus and no refund will be provided.


Party Bus Hire permits drinking on the buses, on the exception that they are legal and consumed responsibly. All passengers on board that request to drink alcohol, must be over 18 and have a valid form of identification or proof of age. Safety regulations prohibits the use of any type of glass on the bus.


Food or snacks are strictly not permitted on any of the buses. If, any passengers bring food or snacks on the bus, the driver will request for it to be removed.


Whilst Party Bus Hire takes reasonable measures to ensure safety, passengers travel at their own risk. Our buses that are fitted with seatbelts, must be worn on the entire trip.

Damage Excess Fee:

During the transfer, if any damages occur on the bus or it is in an unpleasant state, the trip can be terminated and if deemed necessary the bond will not be refunded. Passengers that cause excessive damage within the bus, will be responsible for all the repair costs. Our damage excess fee ranges from $300.00 to $1000.00. Please ensure that all passengers respect the bus and its amenities, and it is left clean and tidy at the end of the trip.

Fighting and Vandalism:

Any passenger(s) that is portraying disruptive behaviour, fighting, causing damage to the bus, or is heavily intoxicated and insists on consuming more alcohol during the trip, the driver has the legal right to evict the passenger(s), where the police will be contacted. In this case, the transfer will be terminated and a refund for the trip will not be provided.


Whilst travelling on our buses, passengers are responsible for their personal belongings. Party Bus Hire does not take responsibility for any items that are left on the bus, and that are lost or stolen. After the trip, if any property is found, they will be stored at our depot. If the found item(s) is damaged, we will not be held accountable for it. Contact us on (02) 9188 9092 to arrange collection. Postage is not an option.

Photos and Videos:

Drivers that take photos or videos of passengers on board our buses are used purely for advertising purposes. If you do not give consent, please advise the driver. In the case, of emergency situations that occur on the buses, where law enforcement agencies are involved, photos or videos taken by the driver, will be provided as evidence.